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I nterstate Mission Development operates under the authority of Nelson Valley Baptist Church in Somerset, Kentucky with Vernon McNully as our Director of Promotions.

Interstate Mission Development




1. Interstate Mission Development and Nelson Valley Baptist Church will receive all funds. Offerings will be promptly deposited.

2. Funds received during the quarter will be sent to the goal selected for that quarter and approved by Nelson Valley Baptist Church. These funds should be used immediately to pay on a mortgage or pay for building materials rather than go into a building fund for future projects. Any excess above the needed amount will be added to the next quarter's offering. (This change to the guidelines was made by Nelson Valley Baptist Church in their December, 2014 business meeting).

3. Nominations must be for a Baptist mission sponsored by a church fellowshipping in the American Baptist Association. The sponsoring church must be a contributor to Interstate Mission Development and must make the nomination to Interstate Mission Development and Nelson Valley Baptist Church. In accordance to the Mission Policy, Section I, part I in the 2006 ABA minute book, the missionary must be a member of his sponsoring church and the congregation he pastors cannot be an "organized" church.

4. A ballot will be sent to all supporting churches to vote on the goals that have been nominated. Only supporting churches have a vote. Ballots must be returned by the date indicated.

5. Nelson Valley Baptist Church will confirm the vote of the churches and disburse the previous quarter's funds as soon as possible following the end of the quarter.

6. Supporting churches will receive regular reports. Reports will be sent regularly to papers listed in the ABA yearbook and the Mission News Bulletin published by the Secretary-Treasurer of Missions in Texarkana.